Goal-Getting with Freelance Journalist and Massage Therapist Dominique Carson – DONE

Dominique Carson is the true embodiment of what it means to be a freelancer today. She is a talent that wears many hats, being a freelance journalist as well as a certified massage therapist. With her mission to “facilitate people’s lives with her hands and words” as well as her inherent go-getter attitude, Dominique has managed to establish herself as a solopreneur. But what does it take to succeed in two differing hustles? We interviewed Dominique to find out. 

Let’s make sure you pat your own back… What’s your biggest strength as a solopreneur? 

I have a natural hustler spirit and my mindset is like a cheetah. I am always in motion and thinking about the next move.

What’s the best business or money advice you ever got as an independent? 

The best business or money advice I received as an independent is learning how to save money for a rainy day. You can start off with $10 and you’ll be surprised with time and commitment, your account will increase on it own. 

Secondly, invest financially in your craft. In other words, to hone your craft, sign up for an advanced course or learn more about the latest trends in your respective fields. Participate in workshops so you can network with others. It can lead to your next opportunity. 

Now for a moment of realness, what are you struggling with right now in your business? 

Finding outlets that can accommodate your schedule and respect your artistic ability can be a challenge. You may have to pitch more than once to be featured in a specific publication, and they may dismiss or delay the article due to timing or intent.

Moreover, the pay rate for freelancers is not financially stable. The pay is often per article under a contract, and there are no benefits.

This means freelancers such as myself may have to pick up another job just to pay the bills before their big break. Remember, your day job can still be affiliated in your respective field. 

I am a freelance journalist but used my writing and research skills in editorial, reporting, sales, recruitment, customer service, higher education, non-profit, and digital sales. I’ve interviewed celebrities and notable figures during my downtime and lunchtime while at a full-time job.  

As a freelance journalist and massage therapist in NY, what challenges and advantages do you think are unique to your city and hustles? 

I am a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and I am working on getting my New York State license. One of the challenges is that I have to start thinking about my visibility as a massage therapist, but on the other hand, everyone wants to be pampered and relaxed.

It’s an amazing opportunity being able to demonstrate my love for massage and writing at the same time. I can travel all over the world to perform massages and different modalities based on needs and interests, and I can always complete freelance projects as a journalist. Writing will always be my voice and art.

We know the freelancer life is all about the hustle toward incredible goals. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Financially, personally, and with your businesses?  

Well, for starters, my fiance and I will be married next year. My last name will be Carter soon and I am excited. I want to be more financially literate in terms of saving my money and investing in properties and or businesses. I will be an award-winning freelance journalist/author. I will perform massages, own a practice, and participate in the research aspect of the field.